Security and concierge services for residential facilities

Security and concierge services for residential facilities

In view of the steady urbanization trend, the issues of safety of family members, and the safekeeping of property of citizens living in large residential complexes, are becoming ever more pressing.

The English proverb «My home is my castle», being over 400 years old, is still as relevant as ever. Home is that place on Earth where a person can and should feel safe. The price of comfort, well-being depends on the level of security of each resident.

YarSecurity has been operating in residential real estate security for more than 10 years.

A team of professionals, equipped with the necessary knowledge and extensive experience, has developed an individual approach to the integrated security of a residential real estate.

The company offers:

  • classic security and concierge service;
  • mechanical and electronic security and control systems;
  • implementation of MSC – the personnel control system developped by YarSecurity;
  • quality assurance department operating 24/7;
  • provision of uniforms to all concierge service personnel.

Duty shift management is carried out by qualified specialists who are trained in administrative work and have extensive experience in the management of protection of residential real estate facilities.

Concierge service in residential buildings in Moscow and the Moscow region is becoming increasingly popular year by year.

The concierge represents the face of the building. It is for this reason that we approach recruitment in a meticulous manner, selecting people with proven experience as administrators or reception staff of hotels, medical facilities, etc. The conscientious work of a concierge is not limited to ensuring security, law and order and the safety of property. The manner in which the residents and guests of the building are greeted may possibly affect their disposition. When choosing people for the position of concierge, we look out for conscientious, benevolent, sociable, disciplined individuals that are capable of keeping confidential information to themselves.

Security and concierge services have a lot in common:

  • maintaining order in the building;
  • enforcement of residential noise regulations;
  • access control enforcement;
  • coordination with utility services and the property management company;
  • interaction with the delivery services;
  • assistance to residents, provision of comfortable accommodation (denial of access to unwanted visitors, informing parents about the time of arrival of their children, etc.).

The protection of life and health should be trusted only to professionals. Members of the YarSecurity team will strive to provide security and comfortable accommodation for you and your family!


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