Provision of security on construction sites

Provision of security on construction sites

A construction site as a security object has one distinctive characteristic. It is undergoing constant and rapid changes. The earthworks, which include the division of the land, the erection of fences, excavation, foundation work, do not yet require complex security measures. Still, damage or theft of construction machinery is possible.

During the structural construction, carrying out internal and facade works, theft of property of contractors and building materials is likely to occur.

YarSecurity employees will enforce order at the construction site, minimize theft and damage of equipment and materials.

Losses in equipment and materials occur in connection with:

  • theft by construction site employees, third parties or groups of people. 85% of all thefts are attributed to this category. Moreover, construction workers are more likely to commit theft than unauthorized persons;
  • unlawful taking out of equipment and materials. These occur regularly or as a single event. At that, often the facility’s security service is in collusion with the thieves;

undersupply of materials to the construction site. The responsible person notes in the invoice about the admission of the allegedly delivered goods, and then writes off the shortage to various circumstances, including poor security. This is one of the most dangerous and sophisticated methods of theft.

Our employees organize  protection of a construction site without the use of standardized schemes. The security algorithm is developed individually for each construction site taking into account its particular characteristics.

Development of the security algorithm includes:

  • determination of weak points of the construction site;
  • selection of specialized personnel;
  • introduction of an optimal number of employees on site;
  • competent placement of guard posts;
  • provision of means of communication between posts, the security service and emergency services;
  • use of modern hardware;
  • 24/7 operation.

Employees of the company will enforce order on the construction site, prevent cases of drunkenness, disorderly behaviour and other offenses.

The company guarantees full safeguarding of material assets and enforcement of order and safety at the construction site.

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