Installation and maintenance of technical security systems

Installation and maintenance of technical security systems

YarSecurity employees have accumulated extensive experience in the use of technical security means. We are committed to innovative solutions that are adaptable to the specific conditions of the facility under our guard.

Advantages of technical security means:

  • absence of the human factors, such as tiredness, illness, bad mood, inattentiveness etc.;
  • impossibility of deception, intimidation, bribery or blackmail;
  • instant and exact performance of the functions, programmed into the device.

The following systems may be installed on the facility being guarded:

  • video surveillance, CCTV;
  • access control and management;
  • fire protection;
  • lighting;
  • public address system for alerting people on the territory of the facility being guarded;
  • emergency evacuation management;
  • security alarm (fast transmission of an alarm to immediate response teams).

Our company installs turnkey technical security systems. We develop a draft of technical security systems and we carry out their installation, testing, and commissioning. If agreed with the Customer, we carry out service maintenance of these systems. We also carry out repair work and modernization of technical security systems, if necessary.

The security systems can be installed individually or as an integrated complex, thus ensuring a high level of security of the facility being guarded.

YarSecurity uses only field-proven equipment from reliable suppliers. We offer several options for modern techical security systems for your convenience. You have the opportunity to choose the one most suitable for your needs according to the requirements and cost.

YarSecurity guarantees the reliability and innovative security for the protection of your facilities!


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