The following companies have entrusted us with their security:


Residential facilities:

  • “Mirax Park” appartment complex, Moscow, Vernandskogo avenue, 94 K.1-5
  • “Heart of the Capital” appartment complex, Moscow, Shelepihinskaya embankment, 34
  • “Deputatski dom” appartment complex, Moscow, Olof Palme st., 2
  • “Symbol” appartment complex, Moscow, Zolotorozhsky Val st., 11, bldng. 20
  • “Continental” appartment complex, Moscow, Marshal Zhukova ave., 78
  • “Dom na Shenkurskom” appartment complex, Moscow, Shenkursky passageway, 11
  • “Ilyinsky Park” appartment complex, Krasnogorsk, Ilyinskoe sh., 20
  • “Lomonosov” appartment complex, Moscow. Michurinsky ave., 6 k.2
  • “Michurinsky 34” appartment complex, Moscow, Michurinsky avenue, 34
  • Cottage settlement “Kniazhichi”, Moscow region, Odintsovo
  • Cottage settlement “Malakhovskoe lake”, Moscow region, Malakhovka
  • “Subbota” appartment complex, Moscow, Verhnaya st., 34

Commercial facilities:

  • JSC “Technopark of St. Petersburg”, St. Petersburg
  • “Special Economic Zones” JSC, Moscow, St. Petersburg
  • Nevsky Grand Hotel, St. Petersburg
  • Shopping center “PARGOS”, St. Petersburg
  • Fitness club “AQUA FIRST”, Moscow
  • Shopping and entertainment complex “Center”, Dmitrov
  • Beauty salon “Euroclinic”, Moscow
  • Administrative building of LLC “Kostomarovsky 11”, Moscow
  • FRESCO Group of Companies, Moscow
  • Office MOSDACHTREST JSC, Moscow
  • Ofis “Promgazinziniring” CJSC, Moscow
  • Office of the “Finance and Development” Foundation, Moscow
  • Office “Multidisciplinary Processing Company” LLC, Moscow
  • Petersburg State Budgetary Institution “GORZHILOBMEN”, St. Petersburg
  • Office “Solvay Management” LLC, Moscow
  • Office of “IK “CentrKomplektRemont” LLC, Moscow
  • Office of the “DAKO Professional Team” company, Moscow
  • Office of “Euroset Retail” company, St. Petersburg
  • Office of Dixy JSC, St. Petersburg

Banks and financial institutions:

  • International Investment Bank
  • Bank “Narodny”
  • OJSC “AKB Svyaz-Bank”
  • OJSC “AKB Gazstroybank”
  • OJSC “CB Verkhnevolzhsky”
  • “National Bank for Business Development” JSC
  • “Velkombank” CJSC
  • OJSC “CB MAST-Bank”

Escorting of cargo:

  • “Moreodor” LLC, Moscow, St. Petersburg
  • “Natali 1990” LLC, Moscow, Vladivostok, Trans-Baikal Territory

Retail chain stores:

  • “L’Etoile” perfume and cosmetic stores
  • “Snow Queen” clothing stores
  • “Boyarynya Morozova” clothing stores
  • “Marks & Spencer” clothing stores
  • “Banana Republic” clothing stores
  • SMYK children’s clothing stores
  • “GAP” clothing stores
  • “MODIS” clothing stores
  • “U.S. Polo Assn” clothing stores
  • “Sportmaster” sporting goods stores
  • “Sunlight” jewelry stores
  • “VICTORIA” supermarkets
  • “SPAR” supermarkets
  • “DIXY” grocery stores
  • “Oodji” clothing stores
  • “CCC” clothing stores
  • “Euroset” electronic equipment stores

Construction sites:

  • “TRASKO-INVEST” LLC – logistic centers, Moscow region
  • “StroyProektInvest” LLC – apartment buildings, Moscow region
  • “ISK Slavyanskaya” LLC – apartment residential complex, Krasnogorsk
  • “Apeco-Moscow” LLC – commercial real estate, Moscow
  • “Mospromstroy” CJSC – engineering structures and communications, Moscow
  • “Special Economic Zones” JSC, Moscow, St. Petersburg
  • “Altstroy” LLC – commercial real estate, Moscow

Warehouse complexes and logistics centers:

  • “DIXY” JSC
  • “Vnukovo” Distribution Center, Moscow
  • “Synkovo” Distribution Center, Moscow
  • “Vskhody” Distribution Center, Moscow region
  • “Noginsk” Distribution Center, Moscow region
  • “Shushary” Distribution Center, St. Petersburg
  • “Vortex” LLC:
  • Central warehouse complex of the “L’Etoile” company, Moscow
  • “Euroset Retail” LLC:
  • Warehouse complex of the “Euroset” company, St. Petersburg
  • Warehouse complex of the “Euroset” company, Kaliningrad

Restaurants and clubs:

  • “32.05 Hermitage Garden” restaurant, Moscow
  • “Kokon” restaurant, Moscow
  • “Razgulay” restaurant, Balashikha

Mass events:

  • “Seasons Project” festivals‚ Moscow

As well as a number of administrative and office buildings in Moscow and the Moscow region.